The Timebound Traveler - (e-book edition)

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David Newman

 *Publication date May 2nd

Direct realization versus love and devotion for God with form – are these two paths mutually exclusive?  David Newman (Durga Das) tells of an unexpected inner journey that led him to ask himself: Was I leaving my devotional path behind, or was the pursuit of a conclusive spiritual awakening the very revelation that the path itself had indicated? David’s journey started with what he calls a ‘lightning bolt’, which led him to question his own identity. With heart-warming honesty, he relates how the integration of the two paths came about through unwavering grace. What I was initially most afraid of ultimately brought the greatest gift.


About the Author:

David Newman is an author, inspirational teacher, world-renowned devotional singer, songwriter and recording artist. He travels extensively sharing his music, and teachings on the path of love as a vehicle for spiritual awakening. David is also the creator of the Stay Strong Project and the founder of Yoga On Main. He has been featured on NPR, and in The Washington Post and Yoga Journal among many others. David, also known as Durga Das, lives with his wife Mira and daughter Tulsi just outside of Philadelphia, USA.

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ISBN: 978-1-908664-42-6

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