The Almighty Mackerel and His Holy Bootstraps

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Waking Up To Who You Really Are 

Publication date Friday 1st April. 

A second volume of writings by the remarkable long-term prison inmate and author, J.C.Amberchele. Part I is comprised of 15 essays and Part II of dialogues based on conversations with five other incarcerated men over a period of four years. 

As with his previous book, ‘The Light That I Am’, Amberchele’s work is characterized by depth, intelligence and great writing style. After many years of seeking, he credits the awareness exercises (The Headless Way) devised by the English philosopher and spiritual teacher Douglas E. Harding as his final inspiration. 

Piers Moore Ede writes: 

"J. C. Amberchele has a great story. He's a lifer, as they say in the US, serving for a pretty serious crime in one hell of a serious prison. He grew up ultra tough, by his own admission, schooled in the ethos of John Wayne. He became a criminal, a junkie, and a con man. And then it all fell apart.... 

In prison J.C. Amberchele came across Douglas Harding's 'Headless Way' and in the long series of revelations this discovery provoked, he began to see the great cosmic joke in the life he'd been leading with all its cover ups, pretense and distractions. He began to see that the person he'd been trying to protect didn't' actually exist.... 

What follows is a fascinating, occasionally brilliant book in the lineage of Douglas Harding in which you'll find the heartfelt confessions of a man whose had more reason than most to question the fundamentals of self-identity."

About the Author 

J. C. Amberchele was born in Phildelphia in 1940. He attended a Quaker school, then colleges in Pennsylvania and New York, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in psychology. His first book, a novel, was released in 2002 (How You lose, New York, Carroll & Graf), and more recently he is the author of The Light That I Am (Non-duality Press, 2008). He has been a long-time meditator in prison, and has called himself a "reluctant Buddhist" since taking formal vows in 2001. As of this writing he has been incarcerated a total of 30 years, and does not expect to be released soon. 

Paperback 5" X 8", 236 pages. 

J.C. Amberchele


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