Presence: Volume I, 2nd Edition

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The Art of Peace and Happiness 

Rupert Spira

Volume I of Presence is arranged in six sections in which Rupert explores, and invites us to explore, our true nature, the nature of peace, happiness and love, the origin of the separate self, the body, the world and experience. Gently, yet remorselessly concepts and misconceptions are dissolved until it is seen that there is only Presence 'simultaneously being and knowing itself' - and we are no different from that Presence. 

"Your self, aware presence, knows no resistance to any appearance and, as such, is happiness itself; like the empty space of a room it cannot be disturbed and is, therefore, peace itself; like this page, it is intimately one with whatever appears on it and is thus love itself; and like water that is not affected by the shape of a wave, it is pure freedom. Causeless joy, imperturbable peace, love that knows no opposite and freedom at the heart of all experience….this is your ever-present nature under all circumstances." 
Rupert Spira 

"Presence is a profound and luminous book with great power and is obviously the fruit of many years of contemplation. These two volumes together are a relentless and utterly thorough examination of the nature of experience, exploring every square centimeter of the territory with absolute excellence and ruthlessly precise analysis. Their astuteness and clarity will be extremely exciting to those readers who are ready for the next steps in lifting the veil of separation and I suspect it will become a spiritual classic that readers will savour slowly and return to again and again."
Victoria Ritchie, Former Manager of Watkins Bookshop and Editor for Eckhart Tolle 


Rupert Spira was intensely interested in the nature of reality for thirty years before meeting his teacher, Francis Lucille, in 1996. His first book The Transparency of Things was published in 2008 and since then he has held meetings and retreats around the world speaking of the causeless happiness, imperturbable peace and unconditional love that is available at the heart of all experience. 

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