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The Life and Teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson 

Through John Wheeler and other influential teachers, and through his two books of dialogues, Sailor Bob Adamson has become a familiar name to those interested in non-dual spirituality. With assistance from friends and family, and from Bob himself, Kalyani Lawry has compiled an absorbing account of his life illustrated with photographs from Bob’s personal collection. 

The second part of ONLY THAT consists of dialogues which have an immediacy that is "closer than your breathing, nearer than your hands and feet" and a depth that reflects Bob's life experience while pointing clearly to the ultimate reality 'Thou art That'. 

"Sailor Bob's capacity to point to our natural state as free, open and inherently liberated is unique for its directness and spontaneity. His dialogues are refreshingly informal and totally free of any pretense or self-serving agenda. His life story demonstrates the invincible power of non-dual awareness to liberate all forms of fixation, addiction and rigidity." Peter Fenner, Ph.D., founder and director of education Timeless Wisdom. 

"Sailor Bob Adamson pointed out very directly that I was not the limited person I had assumed myself to be. To this day, I marvel at the clarity, effectiveness and thoroughness of Bob's pointers. I am deeply touched by the great kindness and warmth of heart he shares with those who seek his guidance. Following the advice of his teacher Nisaragadatta Maharaj, Bob has genuinely helped many former seekers by putting them beyond the need of any further help. His impact on the world of non-dual spirituality has been immense and continues to grow." John Wheeler, Santa Cruz, author of Awakening to the Natural State. 

Paperback, 176 pages, 16pp B&W photographs. 

Kalyani Lawry 

ISBN978-0-9563091-7-4 - Paperback edition

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