Nobody Home

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From Belief to Clarity
There is no guarantee that reading this book is going to bring you new insights or take away your problems, but it will take away several conditionings and belief systems so you finally understand that there is no path to follow to find liberation. Nobody can tell you what to do or where to go. You may discover that your true nature is so much more than you always imagined it to be, and that your awareness is not limited to the function of your brain, but that it goes beyond the limitations of your body and mind. From that discovery, a lot of concepts and beliefs are put in perspective which may bring you peace of mind.
You may rediscover infinity in the simplicity of everyday life. And when all illusions are taken away, life may become simpler.
I continue to delight in (Jan’s) humour, his clarity and his passion for thesubject of this book. The broad scope of its content portrays the author's deepand all encompassing comprehension of the nature of awakening. Tony Parsons, author of The Open Secret

About the Author
Jan Kersschot studied medicine at Antwerp University and has practised natural medicine in Belgium since 1986. At the age of seven questions such as, "What would it be like if I wasn't there?" were the first appearances of what would be a quest for the ultimate truth. His continuing interest in spirituality and philosophy led him to Eastern traditions including Zen Buddhism, Tantra and Advaita Vedanta. Looking for the core of Eastern wisdom and at the same time blending it with a Western life style, has been one of the cornerstones of his spiritual search. He lives in Aartselaar, Belgium.
Jan Kersschot 

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