Blessed Disillusionment

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Seeing through ideas of Separation 

"Morgan Caraway's book is an excellent summary and presentation of the fundamentals of the non-dual perspective. It is one of the most direct and uncompromising contemporary books on non-duality I have seen. Morgan's insights are dead on target and he does not pull any punches. If you are looking for a "politically correct" expression of non-duality this is likely NOT the book for you. It is full of sharp, clear and witty expressions that will delight the discerning reader interested in cutting the through the fog of fuzzy spiritual concepts and half truths that often pass for clarity. Morgan expresses the universal and timeless themes of non-duality in an original, fresh way. This book is not a retread of worn-out spiritual concepts; rather, it is a bold and radical wake-up call that dares you to recognize your original nature as it is here and now.” John Wheeler 

 About the Author 

Morgan was born and grew up in the oldest city in the United States - St. Augustine, FL. He was an only child and entertained himself by drawing and taking flights of fancy into the worlds of science fiction and fantasy. In his teens, he started having a mid-youth crisis and began seeking a way out of the sense of separation. This led him through forays into many different belief systems, none of which brought the lasting peace that was sought. In his early thirties, he was exposed to the concept of non-duality but searching seemingly went on for several more years. While reading The Light Behind Consciousness by John Wheeler, he spoke to John and many of the concepts that plagued him were revealed were revealed to be nothing more than hollow ideas. The thought-based belief in limitation was seen to be a temporary appearance arising within eternal and timeless presence. Seeking ended and life in all of its beauty and seeming imperfection was seen to be the perfect expression of undivided being. At least this is how the story goes... 

Morgan Caraway 



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