Advaita: The Comic Book

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Iván Sende

Advaita: The Comic Book is a wryly humorous and profoundly insightful account of an artist’s inner and outer travels. His girlfriend, sometimes unwittingly, provides insights and catalytic obscuration in equal measure throughout. Our hero (is he Ivan himself, or is he ‘Everyman’?) searches for the “Truth with a capital T” across Asia and at home in his native Spain. He goes through stages that you may recognise in yourself or others – often amusing with hindsight, but not always so at the time.

To tell you any more would be to spoil your fun – suffice it to say that you may find yourself reading it quite quickly and then going back to re-read more carefully the parts that touched you.

Iván Sende has travelled widely in the East. He has wrestled with the concept of no-self and other conundrums of the spiritual search. The ‘seemingly banal’ events that happened in India were (with hindsight) a turning point, but his journey while at home in Spain is as enthralling as anything that happened on his travels in exotic countries. Ivan is an artist and illustrator and lives in Spain.

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6.6" X 9.6". 166 pages. Paperback

About the Author

Iván Sende illustration at the Pablo Picasso School of Arts. His first published book as illustrator was Usha (Xerais, 2008), which was followed by Lía e as Zapatillas de Deportes (Xerais, 2008), O Monstro das Palabras (Xerais, 2009), and Volvo! O Regreso de Usha (Xerais, 2014), all of them written by the Galician author, Maria Reimóndez.

Bea (Xerais, 2008) was his first book as author in his own right and he was later shortlisted for the Merlín award – one of the more important prizes for children’s writers – with Carabranca, which was self-published in 2011.

In 2015 he illustrated SIRA e o ROBOT: Adventures on Titan (Xerais), a CD-book by Mark Wiersma and Miguel Mosqueira.

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