A Tether Tied To Space

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Epigrams and Subversions

John Veen

A paradoxical, irreligious confrontation with the (almost) 'unbearable lightness of being’ is John Veen’s description of his approach. This original collection of ‘epigrams and subversions’ seems to come direct from a spring of truth, without a taint of what John calls “stolen goods” or borrowed truths. John’s light and humorous touch hides a fierce directness which leaves no ground for us to stand. Read this as poetry and wisdom and you won’t be disappointed. Read it and really get it – then ‘you’ will be blown away.

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Paperback. 58 pages. ISBN: 978-1-908664-38-9. 5" x 7" format.


About the author
John Veen is a poet and working stiff from Central California by way of Michigan. He facilitates an irregular non-duality dialog in Fresno, C.A., and edits the website: www. nopathnoself.net. 


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