We welcome submissions and consider every manuscript sent to us with respect. There is no need to approach us through an agent, but please read below about how to send in submissions. A word of encouragement: some of our most popular authors approached us with an unsolicited manuscript.

Please read the About Us section, so that you understand our ethos. Most autobiographies, biographies and poetry are not embraced by our readers and just do not sell. There are exceptions and we may take a chance on a book in these categories, if we really like it, but please understand that we are likely to decline. Do see our Resources Area, as your work might find a home there.

We keep your manuscript confidential when we receive it, although we may ask someone who is living the reality (for want of a better phrase) to read something and comment on its suitability for publication, in confidence.

Publishing in our Resources Area 

If your manuscript has something of interest and relevance to us and our readers, but is perhaps not quite right for publishing, we will consider extracts for our Resources pages. Likewise, if you have a short piece about your own experience of non-duality, or anything that is relevant and meshes with our ethos.

Submissions - how to send us your work

We prefer manuscripts to be submitted as follows:

By email to with your name and contact details, some information about you, a synopsis of the manuscript and the title of the book. It helps us to know if you have approached, or are approaching, other publishers. This information should all be in the body of the email and not as attachments.

The manuscript itself must be attached as a PDF or .docx file, or a download link may be provided (dropbox, google drive, etc.).

If we decide to work together, you will be a member of a select group of well-respected and often pioneering authors in this field, with the possibility of your work being read worldwide in English and other languages.



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