Whats the meaning of life?

Who knows?

What does tomorrow bring?

Happiness for life?

Sorrow and strife?

Or simply

another day?

Who knows?

Yesterdays are memories

and tomorrows are simply

pipe dreams.


is the only reality

that I truly know.

And the only reality that



is the here and now.

Not five days from now

not five hours from now

not five minutes from now

not five seconds from now

not five seconds ago

But now.

Reality is perceived


as a passing dream

through a flowing stream

that men through the ages

have defined

as time.

Dreams and realities of tomorrows

slip by

and become

silent memories of yesterdays.

Synaptic impulses

create the beat

and the rhythm

I call 'myself'

I am Jamal

and Jamal is




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