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Jan Kersschot studied medicine at Antwerp University but has practised natural medicine in Belgium since 1986. He was a seeker from an early age and was drawn to Eastern traditions. Eventually he was drawn to the writings of Tony Parsons, author of The Open Secret, and his seeking ended.
Books: The Myth of Self Enquiry, Nobody Home
Website: http://www.kersschot.com

Jean Klein 
was a pioneer in making non-duality, or advaita, available to the West. Dr Klein came from a cultured and musical European background. Born in Czechoslovakia in 1916, he had 'a strong urge for freedom' in his teens, although he went on to qualify as a doctor and lived an apparently ordinary life. Eventually he went to India, where he met a teacher who… suffice it to say that one day he awoke to 'freedom, full and objectless joy'. The depth and breadth of Dr Klein’s intelligence and his independence from any stifling tradition are truly remarkable, particularly bearing in mind the era and the culture in which he grew up and lived. 
Books: Be Who You AreBeyond Knowledge, Living TruthThe Book of ListeningWho Am I?I Am, Transmission of the Flame
Audio: Clearview, The Sacred Quest

Kalyani Lawry is a contemporary teacher of non-duality and lives in Melbourne, Australia. In the 1970's she was a student of Swami Muktananda Paramahansa, Sufi master Pak Subuh and later U.G. Krishnamurti and in more recent years, her final teacher Sailor Bob Adamson.

She is the author of Only That: the life and teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson published by Non-Duality Press and also produces Bob's DVDs and CDs. Kalyani and her partner Peter hold non-duality intensives on a regular basis in Melbourne and Stockholm, and can be contacted through their website:  www.nonduality.com.au  
Book: Only That (with ‘Sailor’ Bob Adamson)

Dr Rick Linchitz was a medical doctor, and offered occasional satsangs and talks. He passed away on May 13th, 2013. After a crisis of life-threatening ill-health and loss of meaning in his life, he truly came to understand the words of his mentor, Satyam Nadeen: “There is only consciousness and you are that”. Rick talked with a laid-back, non-dogmatic and humorous style that gives a healthy perspective to what is sometimes an over-serious and agonised process of seeking for liberation.
Book: No You and No Me: the loving awareness in which all arises

Gabriel Rosenstock is an author, translator and poet whose work includes fiction, essays in the Irish Times, radio plays and travel writing, and of course poetry. He writes mostly in Irish (Gaelic), being a member of Aosdána (Irish Academy of Arts & Letters), but has taught haiku in Vienna and received the Tamgha I Kidmat medal for services to literature. He has given readings and performances in Europe, US, India, Japan and Australia. Book:
Book: The Pleasantries of Krishnamurphy

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