You are No Thing

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Recognising Your True Nature 

Randall Friend has written a book that will resonate with so-called spiritual seekers, but those seekers should beware as this book may challenge their dearest beliefs. Randall looks at the typical spiritual search and our assumptions about ourselves, the universe and the very meaning of spirituality. He then invites us to disassemble our carefully constructed world view and takes us to the very cliff edge of liberation: only to find that there is no cliff... 

In deceptively simple and direct language You are No Thing avoids spiritual jargon and the rigid, codified practices which so often prove to be distractions from the ever present reality; it points beyond the mistaken notion that we can find what we are seeking outside ourselves or with inner states and experiences. 

About the Author 

Randall Friend was seeking spiritual answers for 30 years until he read Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's book, I Am That. He eventually encountered Sailor Bob Adamson and Gilbert Schultz. In this simple and uncompromising pointing, the search ended. Randall is the author of the blog You Are Dreaming. He resides in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. 

Randall Friend 


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