No You No Me

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The Loving Awareness in Which All Arises

Rick Linchitz, true to what he says in this book, has no investment in being a ‘teacher’ and has a busy medical practice. What he says, though, is the most direct expression of the truth beyond the truths of spirituality and religion. I wanted his plain speaking, rigorous and humorous approach to be available more widely. We have transcribed some of his talks and satsangs and arranged them under subject headings, rather than chronologically, so that you can read from cover to cover or dip in as you please for inspiration. I hope that, like me, you will feel the thrill of resonance that wells up inside when something within us recognizes the beautiful simplicity of The Loving Awareness in Which All Arises.

"What you have before you here in Dr.Rick’s book is another delightful and beautiful message that explores the ramifications of his understanding that Consciousness is all there is. Once you really understand that to the point where it defines the every living moment of your so-called life, you are truly home and need look no farther. I do believe that is actually happening more and more these days on planet earth."
- From the Foreword by Satyam Nadeen 


About the Author 

Dr Rick LinchitzDr Rick Linchitz graduated with honours from Cornell University Medical College and went on to found and manage an innovative multi-speciality Pain Alleviation Center. After two decades of hard work and achievement he became seriously ill; his career and his life fell apart. He chased cures, both physical and spiritual, and had nearly given up hope. Then the words of Satyam Nadeen, “Consciousness is all there is”, sparked the realization that there was no Rick who had to fix everything and that brought with it a peace and relief that has never left him. Rick still worked as a doctor, focusing on wellness and integrating conventional and alternative medicine. He occasionally gave satsangs in the New York area and Germany.

Rick Linchitz


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