Beyond Recovery

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Non-duality and the Twelve Steps

Fred Davis

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About the book

Fred Davis is no armchair philosopher and has wrestled with all the highs and lows of addiction.  With deep affection and gratitude to the 12 Step program and community who helped him become free from addiction, he felt that something was still … not complete. Today that rock bottom, which addicted people know so well has become a rock steady understanding of the ‘natural state’ that is nonduality. Beyond Recovery offers the tools that we can use to move on from mere abstinence to the natural freedom that is our true nature.

Fred is the creator and editor of Awakening Clarity, a website dedicated to disseminating the teachings of Nonduality. Of his life today, Fred says that he got clean and sober in 2000, is very happily married, dearly loves caretaking animals, and lives as a chiefly ignored hermit deep in the heart of the American South.  He is currently at work on a companion book to Beyond Recovery.

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What people are saying about Beyond Recovery

There are few, if any, books which cohesively bridge the seeming gap between the 12 step program and nonduality.  Beyond Recovery clarifies both the relative difference between these two and also, paradoxically, how each can be about the same spiritual awakening.  I truly wish I would have had this book when first making the move from 12 step to nonduality.  It would have saved a bit of confusion.  Bravo to Fred for writing with such clarity, specifically on his nondual look at the steps and also on how awakening out of the story of “me” is only a beginning, but that the journey thereafter is not about seeking.  I hope 12 steppers reading this review really get the delicious paradox of that and find themselves picking up this book.  Addiction tends to keep us seeking, even if we are seeking recovery.  Fred’s book has the ability to really bring the timeless wisdom that freedom is in the here and now into the 12 step movement.  Great book.  I loved it.

Scott Kiloby, author, Natural Rest for Addiction: A Revolutionary Way to Recover through Presence.


Fred Davis is well qualified to write a book about Non-Duality and the recovery from addiction for two reasons – he spent many years in recovery himself and has a deep interest in, and love of, the non-dual understanding. In Beyond Recovery, Fred takes the approach that characterizes the Twelve Step Programme originally designed for recovering alcoholics, expanding and infusing it with his understanding of the non-dual perspective that lies at the heart of all the great religious and spiritual traditions…. If the true measure of a book is to be found in the perfume that remains behind when all the words have been forgotten then, for Beyond Recovery, it is this quality of honesty, openness and surrender which communicates itself in the words and between them, administering not just to the mind but to the background of Awareness.

From the foreword to Beyond Recovery by Rupert Spira

6' X 9', paperback. 234 pages.

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